Previous winners of the Braconnot Prize

To be awarded during the next EUCHIS conference
Deadline for submission of applications – will be updated in the lead-up to the next conference

  1. The Braconnot Prize is awarded for outstanding contributions and achievements in chitin science and for special merits in the promotion of EUCHIS.
  2. The Braconnot Prize consists of a certificate with the name of the recipient and a cheque.
  3. The Braconnot Prize is awarded every two years during the regular scientific meetings of the EUCHIS.
  4. The recipient of the Braconnot award must be no more than 36 years old during the year of the award.
  5. Every member of EUCHIS has the right to suggest an awardee to the President of the committee at any time. This suggestion must be accompanied in written form by a C.V. of the candidate, an abstract (max. 3 pages) of a thesis or publication, and a letter with arguments why the suggested candidate should be eligible for the Braconnot Prize. Candidates may not suggest themselves.
  6. The recipient of the Braconnot Prize will be selected by a committee consisting of the President of EUCHIS together with four of the EUCHIS board members selected by the President.
  7. The applicant must be a member of the EUCHIS.
  8. The committee selects the recipient of the Braconnot Prize on the basis of the doctoral/PhD thesis which has been published in an international, peer-reviewed journal in the last three years (the applicant must be the first author of the paper), and which is also announced in the EUCHIS Newsletter. The selection of the recipient by the committee is non-debatable. The Braconnot Prize may be shared by not more than two recipients.
  9. The supervisor of the thesis of a candidate who has been shorlisted may not be a member of the committee.
  10. In case of lack of funds or when no suitable candidate can be found, the Braconnot Prize may be cancelled for a particular year.
  11. As part of the award, the registration fee of the winner will be waived and travel expenses will be paid in order that the winner can attend the meeting. In return, the winner has to deliver the “Braconnot lecture” based around the topic of his/her thesis and publications to date.
    The monetary part of the Braconnot Prize would only be given if the winner attended the meeting and delivered the lecture. Failure to do so would not prevent him/her being named as the winner but would not receive the prize money.
  12. Amendments and further details of the rules are determined by the committee.
  13. These rules are a part of the Statutes of The European Chitin Society.