1st prize:
Structural analysis of chitin oligosaccharide deacetylases – the “subsite capping model”
X. Biarnes Fontal, H. Aragunde, D. A. Albesa-Jové, M. Guerin, A. Planas

2nd prize:
Mesoscopic gelation of chitosan and genipin at below critical
C. Engwer, R. Loy, I. S. Chronakis, A. C. Mendes, F. M. Goycoolea

3rd prize:
Quantitative mass spectrometric analysis to determine the subsite specificity of chitin and chitosan hydrolyzing enzymes
S. Cord-Landwehr, P. Ihmor, H. Luftmann, B. M. Moerschbacher, M. Mormann