The current pandemic situation limits our access to scientific conferences and severely restricts scientific communication and the vital exchange of ideas and accomplishments. The European Chitin Society (EUCHIS), therefore, organizes a new webinar series, intending to provide a platform presenting research on chitin, chitosans, and the broader field of polysaccharide science as they relate to chitin and chitosans.

We hope to foster a steady scientific exchange and to bring the diverse research areas in our sciences closer together.

EUCHIS cordially invites you to join our next Webinar.

How to join: No need to register, simply click on the following link at 11am: (permanent link for EUCHIS webinars)

The webinars will take place on the last Tuesday of a month, 11am (CET):

April 27
Bruno Moerschbacher – University of Münster – Structure-function relationships of chitosans: the pattern of N-acetylation
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Chitosans are a familiy of polysaccharides differing in their degree of polymerisation (DP), fraction of acetylation (FA), and pattern of acetylation (PA). The former two structural parameters can now be analysed and controlled fairly well and “second generation chitosans” which are well defined in both DP and FA are becoming commercially available in sufficient quantities not only for research but also for the development of reliable chitosan-based products that make use of their reproducible biological activities. But this is not yet the case for the third parameter, PA. We will present our recent progress in the preparation and analysis of chitosan oligomers and polymers with defined, non-random patterns of acetylation, and on the role of PA in defining biological functionalities.

Rupert Kargl – Graz University of Technology – Methods for the processing and shaping of polysaccharide based materials

May 25
Vincent Eijsink – Norwegian University of Life Sciences – Lytic Polysaccharide MonoOxygenases (LPMOs): how chitin helped to change our views on enzymatic biomass conversion
Tadeja Katan – Graz University of Technology – Chitosan thin films for in situ glycopeptide synthesis

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June 29
Thomas Hahn – Fraunhofer IGP – Chitin extraction and chitosan production from non-marine sources

Stefan Cord-Landwehr – University of Münster – Use of chitosan modifying enzymes as analytical tools

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July 27
Francisco M. Goycoolea Valencia – University of Leeds – Chitosan-based nanomaterials for gene/drug delivery, and antibacterial control

Celina Vila – University of Santiago de Compostela – Dually crosslinked chitosan nanoparticles block quorum sensing and target bacterial growth at specific cell densities

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August 31
Marcin H. Struszczyk – Institute of Security Technologies “MORATEX” – Medical application of the chitosan in special areas of use

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September 28
Webinar break

October 26
Katja Richter – Heppe Medical Chitosan – ChitosanS in Medicine – points to be considered

Yi-Tung Lu – Martin Luther University Halle-Wittenberg – Engineering of stable PNIPAM-grafted chitosan / heparin multilayers for biomedical applications

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November 30